What to Do

My "Joy Bangla" is to build a well-educated, efficient, efficient and tasteful generation in Laksam-Monoharganj.

Manpower Development: We want to build a well-educated, skilled, hardworking, tasteful and humane generation in Laksam-Monoharganj. Every young person in Laksam-Monoharganj will be educated in formal education, will be proficient in any one job, they will have the desire and motivation to work according to their qualifications and skills, they will be tasteful and humane.

Government services at the doorsteps of the people: We want to bring all services to the doorsteps of the people through technology. The expectations, demands and grievances of the people will be within their reach. They will clearly know what is being decided on these matters. If they do not provide timely service, the accountability of the public representatives will be ensured.

Modern Technology and Skill Dependent Agriculture: I want to make Laksam-Monoharganj agriculture the most technology dependent agriculture. Farmers will be trained in the latest agricultural technology and technology. Compared to the unique agricultural land of Bangladesh, maximum production will be ensured, agriculture will be recognized as a lucrative profession, young people will be interested in farming even after learning to read and write. There will be the latest system of conservation of agricultural products. There will be a market place, offline and online, to ensure the right price.

Public Health: I want to make the health structure a culture by developing awareness about the health of the people of Laksam-Monoharganj. I want to get rid of the diseases which are preventable and curable through awareness. Besides, I would like to bring social organizations and volunteers into commitments to provide health services. We want to ensure that public health services are available properly. We want to stop unethical trade in the name of health care in the private sector.

Business Trade and Industrial Development: We want to make full use of the geographical and manpower dependent financial potential of Laksam-Monoharganj. Besides, we want to create an industrial investment-friendly environment that organizes the people so that the country's reputed and foreign investors will be interested in setting up industrial factories and markets in Laksam-Monoharganj.

  • Ensuring proper religious education
  • Establishment of a pluralistic society free of fundamentalism and militancy
  • Good Governance, Justice and Legal Aid
  • Disaster Management and Risk Mitigation