How To Do

Inspired by the ideals of the People's Leader Sheikh Hasina, My "Joy Bangla" is to build a well-educated, skilled, hardworking and tasteful generation in Laksam-Monoharganj

Manpower Development:

  • Career counseling meeting.
  • Skills training for all.
  • Skill centers in each union.

Government services at the doorstep of the people:

  • MP / MP help desk at hand (one help desk for every 10,000 people, where expectations / complaints are recorded through dedicated staff and resolved within a specified time.

Agriculture Based on Latest Technology and Skills:

  • Agricultural Consultation Meeting.
  • To train every farmer at least twice a year for modern technology and tactics.
  • Special advantages in terms of availability and easy purchase of agricultural technology products.
  • Community storage and cold storage for storage of agricultural products.
  • Establishment of special market for agricultural products with modern facilities.
  • Online market / market-place reputation

Public Health: I want to make the health structure a culture by developing awareness about the health of the people of Laksam-Monoharganj. I want to get rid of the diseases which are preventable and curable through awareness. Besides, I would like to bring social organizations and volunteers into commitments to provide health services. We want to ensure that public health services are available properly. We want to stop unethical trade in the name of health care in the private sector.

Business Trade and Industrial Development: We want to make full use of the geographical and manpower dependent financial potential of Laksam-Monoharganj. Besides, we want to create an industrial investment-friendly environment that organizes the people so that the country's reputed and foreign investors will be interested in setting up industrial factories and markets in Laksam-Monoharganj.

  • Ensuring proper religious education
  • Establishment of a pluralistic society free of fundamentalism and militancy
  • Good Governance, Justice and Legal Aid
  • Disaster Management and Risk Mitigation